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Arvind Arora is a chemistry instructor and motivational speaker who was born in Gujrat, India. Now he is residing in Bangalore, India.

His religion is Sikhism and nationalism is Indian. he is completed BE in SKIT COLLEGE, Jaipur(2005-2009).then he was completed MASTER OF SCIENCE.

Arvind Arora’s age is 35 years,height is 5ft 8inc and weight is 62kg.

Now he is operating a youtube channel where he teaches physics ,chemistry,zoology&botany for 11th and 12th boards and all other competitive examination.

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ARVIND ARORA is a passionated social media influencer, youtuber, motivational speaker and online innovations.

  • 3 online articles has been published on his life story and success story.
  • More than 10 years of experience in teaching ,training, motivational & online social media field.
  • now he earned 1.5M+ youtube subscriber and 130k+ Instagram followers.
  • Now he made 2000+ youtube (chemistry+motivational video) and 1000+shorts facts video on Instagram and 1000+ motivational poston social media.
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Professional Journey

  • In 2012 he had started a youtube channel for chemistry and motivation and received a silver play button in Vedantu neet made ajee channel.
  • After he joined Vedantu in 2019 in Bangalore and now his youtube channel crosses 1.25M+ subscribers.
  • VEDANTU NEET MADE EJEE is India’s 2nd most growing online educational channel on youtube run by ARVIND ARORA.Now the channel is India’s no.1 neet channel.
  • Previously worked with unacadmey from 2017 to 2018 and before he worked with vidya mandir class surat.
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Awards & recognition

  1. YouTube golden play button(June 2020).
  2. YouTube silver play button(April 2018).
  3. educator award by Unacademy(Sep 2018).
  4. 1 million views award by Unacademy(Sep 2018).
  5. 50+shields and awards received till now.
  6. Velcro award by Vedantu(Sep 2019)
  7. won YouTube star 2019 in t-con Bangalore by Vedantu(Sep 2019).
  8. 1-2 action YouTube award by Vedantu(Sep 2019).