China’s World War 3 plan using coronavirus to conquer and rule the world | World News

 China’s World War 3 plan using coronavirus to conquer and rule the world | World News


New Delhi: As the death toll is rising due to coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak across the world, China has virtually launched World War III through its financial might to topple the global powers like the United States and other European countries who are already on their knees in waging war against the pandemic. 

China started preparations for this World War long back. But today, after 75 years of the World War II, this war appears to have commenced with using any weapon, missiles or Atom Bomb but through a Virus, which weighs millions of times less than the mass of a nuclear bomb that in 1945 had destroyed Japan’s two major cities in the second world war.

In 1945, the mass of the Atom bomb that America had dropped on Japan’s Hiroshima, had a mass of just 0.7 grams, while the mass of the bomb dropped on Nagasaki was merely one gram. But the atomic bomb converted this power into infinite energy, resulting in the destruction of Japan. 

We, however, are hardly aware of the reality that the third world war has already commenced. The strategy adopted by China is being explained here. 

The first step is to cheat the world; the second phase is through spreading chaos across the world, and the third stage is related to oppress and exploit the people in the world. 

In the World war, one can see death, destruction, and sorrow everywhere, followed by the collapse of major economies, a decrease in the supply of essential commodities, the occupation of new territories, and the emergence of new forces.

You can notice these developments when around 2.7 million people across the world have been infected with coronavirus, while over 1.91 lakh people have died and the most powerful nation America looks helpless before this deadly virus. More than 8 lakh people have been infected in the US and the death toll has reached over 50,000 in the US. Known for its military and economic might, the US is unable to save the lives of thousands of its people. 

The deadly virus has also hit the rich and developed countries like Italy, Spain, Germany, and Britain. On the contrary, China is taking advantage of this opportunity and investing in the whole world and buying big companies at cheap prices. 

When there is a huge shortage of equipment and medicines across the world, China is now supplying inferior medical equipment to the nations in need and has found a way to earn profits in the midst of this epidemic. It is back on the track. It was to overpower Taiwan. 

China has started trying to influence the World Health Organization (WHO), besides increasing its activities in the South China Sea. When the world is struggling with the deadly virus, China is busy in carrying out its expansionist policies. China has made full preparations to snatch power from America, knowing well that it can not defeat America in a direct war, therefore started the economic and psychological war.

In World War III, China has strategised to execute its plan in three stages. The first step started with its economic liberalism in the 1980s when it opened the doors of its economy for America. This helped China gain technologically. So far, China has invested Rs 4.5 lakh crore by the year 2015, and it increased to Rs 2.5 lakh crore by 2018.

China has now moved this war into the second phase, which is to create chaos all over the world. The coronavirus has infected over 27 lakh people and has killed more than 1.93 lakh people. While chaos is visible across the world, China is benefiting the most. Now countries like America fear that if China withdraws its money then the US economy will face a major crisis. 

China is said to have planned to win this war by 2049 at any cost. According to famous political scientist Graham Allison, the first phase will complete in 2025 when China will make itself the world’s superpower of technology. By 2035, China wants to become the Innovation Leader of the world, and by 2049, the Communist nation wants to make itself the most powerful country in the world. 


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