FreeCodeCamp(Learn Code For Free)

FreeCodeCamp is one of the best platforms to learn to code for free. It accomplishes this by creating thousands of videos, articles, coding practice,interrative web platform,chat room, etc…

FreeCodeCamp was established in october 2014 by Quincy Larson,is a software developer who completed programming after graduate school purpose of education and nonprofit work and learn to code free everyone.

All free courses and free content are avialable in FreeCodeCamp.It is tha largest coding platform all over the world.Html,css,java,python,c,java script,etc all are free to acess.The orginal programming focus on node js,mongo db,angular js and was estimate to take 900 hr to complete.

FreeCodeCamp is best resource for self-learner and coding practice.If anyone self-learner ,it is a great place to start learning.More than 5000 campers have gotten developer jobs after completing course.

Upon completing all 6 certificates in 300 hr ,the freecodecamp provide full stack development program certificate.

Since 2014, more than 45,000 graduates have gotten jobs at tech companies 2.Microsoft 4.Spotify, and many other top companies.

Its youtube subscriber is around 3.7M and videos almost 100+.Its instagram followers around 80k.


HeadquartersSan Francisco,ca,US
size of Company10-20 employees
Specialitesgit,js,react,python,c,java,html,css,instructional Design,software Engineering,node js,linux,etc…