lemon juice

The ideal lemon ingredient to combat the heat and source of Vitamin C

If there is a complete food, it is lemon. Source of Vitamin C, which contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system, this citrus fruit has gained prominence in gastronomy in recent months thanks to the fact that it is a natural food, without fat, without salt or sodium, and with low sugar content. A fruit that has become the queen of the summer of unconfined.

It is often said that whoever has a lemon has a treasure, since it is a tremendously versatile food. Worldwide known for being an ideal gastronomic ingredient, lemon can also become an essential complement to simple and refreshing drinks with which to combat the high temperatures of August, while maintaining the recognized health benefits thanks to the high content of Vitamin C of this citrus.

Now that thermometers are well above 30 ° C, experts recommend good hydration throughout the day to avoid health problems.

For this reason, lemon is the perfect ingredient in the most summery drinks. Here we give you 3 proposals that will not only help quench your thirst and refresh those hot moments of this summer, they will also help you strengthen your immune system thanks to the fact that lemon contains 50 mg of Vitamin C per 100 g of edible portion.

1. Lemonade

A classic of the summer period. A good lemonade can be as refreshing as it is quick to make. A drink whose preparation is extremely simple. Squeeze lemon juice into water, respecting only one golden rule: one part lemon juice for two parts cold water.

Lemonade is healthy and very refreshing

2. Lemon granita with honey

Slushie is the king of summer drinks. First several lemons are cut and a good juice is made from this citrus source of Vitamin C. Later it is poured into a container where a little honey is added. Next, it is stirred until the honey is diluted in the lemon juice. Next, add a little water and continue stirring until completely mixed. To finish, ice is added and crushed until obtaining a perfect slush.

Lemon slush
Lemon granita could be served as a light dessert

3. Iced tea with lemon

Lovers of herbal teas also have their fresh and healthy alternative for the summer. First, you have to boil the water, for example, in a kettle. Meanwhile, a lemon is peeled to get its rind, but only the most superficial part. Add this lemon peel with some mint leaves and one or two tea bags, to let everything boil for a couple more minutes. And ready. You just have to wait for it to cool down or add a few ice cubes. Of course, always serve accompanied with some lemon slices.

lemon iced tea
Lemon iced tea is a good option for a snack

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