• Github is a version control system to keep track of changes to files and project over time.
  • Github lets you works together on different project.
  • Github also facilities collaboration features such as bug tracking,feature requests,task management for every project.
  • github offers the distributed version control and source code management functionality of git.


Github was founded by tom preston-werner,Chris wanstrath,scott chacon ,p.j.hyett by 2008.

CEO of github is Nat Friedman.its users around 50 million.


Github is a place where programmers and designers work together.they collaborate,contribute and fix bugs is provider of internet hosting for software hosts plenty of open source projects and codes of various programming languages


  • github is easy to contribute to open source projects.
  • It helps to create an excellent document.

  • github allows your work to get out there in front of the public and programmer.
  • you can track changes in your code across different versions.



  • collaboratin
  • Integrated issue and bug tracking

  • Graphical representation of branches

  • conversations
  • code hosting
  • track and assign tasks
  • team management

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