You can now see your entire gaming history on PUBG Mobile, here’s how

 You can now see your entire gaming history on PUBG Mobile, here’s how

Battle royal game PUBG Mobile allows players to so far obtain a hold of their entire gaming history, starting with the first match they played. The game has recently celebrated its second birthday and provides an array of highs and lows of all the matches played in a recap

Day 6 overall standings.

PUBG Mobile has come with PMPL South Asia Scrims to keep the fans engaged during these troubled times and day 6 of the tournament has now come to an end. The top 20 squads from South Asia are competing with each other for the daily prize pool of $1000. The leaderboard toppers bag a total of $700, while the second and third-placed teams will be taking home $200 and $100, respectively.

For the third time in the week, Megastars have topped the overall leaderboard. A hallmark of a good team like Megastars is that they are capable of winning in most difficult circumstances and consistently so. The heady feeling that goes with victory is unmatched and teams need to experience it to get hooked to it.

Yet we find that the first time round, difficult as it seem, is actually easier than the sequel. Replicating success is the biggest challenge for most squads and Team Megastars have mastered the art of doing it. They are a well-oiled juggernaut with a mission and are turning out to be too hot for the other teams to stop their dream run to the top. This kind of domination can generate hopelessness in the minds of their opponents and that can reflect when they go up against them in a fight.

Therefore to know how to win, you must win frequently and the boys from Megastars have found ways to make winning a habit. A team will have to be constantly at their best in every match in this tournament and cannot afford to be lackadaisical if they want to to enter the top three, since the team gets just four games to make the crucial difference.

On the other hand, the crowd-favourite team, Fnatic finally stepped up to the occasion with Owais leading the pack with 9 individual kills. Megastars are followed by vsgCrawlers and Fnatic. The MVP of Day 6 of PMPL South Asia Scrims was CeltzATTANKI.


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